What Makes Idli The Perfect Travel Food?

What Makes Idli The Perfect Travel Food

Idli used to be a predominantly South Indian dish back in the day, and it wasn’t as popular in other parts of the country. However, this situation has changed, and people across the country are increasingly leaning towards Idli being the best travel food. The main reason why so many people across the globe search for unique Idli recipe options.

There are many reasons you see so many vendors on railway stations selling idli, but the most important among them is that they can be easily packed. Even if you’re on tour, you can pack them and keep them for later usage. This is not the case with numerous other travel snacks, and they tend to get spoiled after a while. On the other hand, Idli doesn’t meet the same fate, and you can rely on it as a tasty and healthy travel companion.

The Perfect Combination Of Healthy And Tasty

The best thing about choosing Idli as your travel food is that it is both tasty and healthy. There is little doubt about how tasty an Idli can be if cooked with a tinge of experimentation. Apart from the mouth-watering taste, Idli is also very healthy, which is mainly the cause of it being fermented. Pretty much like Dhokla, it ranks high among the food that can be counted on when it comes to taste and health.

It is much better to go for Idli instead of greasy and oily snacks like Samosa that people often prefer on the road. Such fast food not only makes you drowsy while traveling they aren’t good for your long-term health and well-being.

Another major reason why Idli is such a great travel food is that there’s little risk of any leakage. It can be served dry with a chutney, making it a lot more convenient than other snacks you generally take with you on travels.

Finding Unique Idli Recipes Online

When it comes to different kinds of Idli recipes, the sky is the limit. There is a lot of room for experimentation, and you can easily find these unique recipes online. All you need to do is type a search, and a plethora of different options will be displayed on your screen on how you want to prepare your Idli.

Some websites will provide you with all kinds of Idle recipes ranging from the healthy ones to those which will make your dish tastier and a lot spicier. Go through these many recipes and choose the one you deem to be the most suited to your taste buds. So, the next time you plan a trip, make sure you pack a tiffin filled with Idli for a tasty and healthy travel companion.