Dish After Dinner: Dessert

Dish After Dinner Dessert

Desserts are a dish that is generally sweet in taste and satiates the sweet tooth after meals. The name dessert comes from the French term ‘desservir’ that means ‘to clear the table.’ And so is the tradition of time-old dessert to eat after the meal when the table has cleared.


The idea of desserts dates back to ancient India, where people used to offer sweets made of honey and dry fruit to their deities, still do. The tradition to eat something sweet from the confectionery after dinner developed among people later on. It became so common and popular that it became a tradition. Nowadays, it is part of the etiquette to serve dessert after meal if you are hosting a lunch or dinner.  Dessert usually consists of confectionaries.

Desserts and tradition

Some desserts have become so significant that they are a symbol or major gesture of defining that day. For example-

  • Gunjya- It is an Indian dessert that is made on Holi. Every household makes it in abundance. It is kept, exchanged, and distributed. Besides colors being the symbol of Holi, gunjiyas too have their hype amongst the locales.
  • Apple pie- Christians celebrate Christmas on 25th December every year; it is a major holiday for them. Besides their annual tradition, one of which is the dinner where they serve turkey. Post dinner, the most common and famous dessert enjoyed by all around the world is apple pie.
  • Kheer- Eid is a very popular festival celebrated across the world by many members of the Muslim community. They serve a dish called kheer that is made of milk and rice. It is sweet. They exchange and have kheer on the festival as a tradition.

Some very common and popular desserts are- cakes, pastries, ice-creams, waffles, hot-chocolate fudge, pudding, pie, laddoos, Kajuki barfi, kunafa, chocolates, etc. Dessert is a symbol of alliance and friendship. When you send someone a dessert, it means that you keep them in good and lovely thoughts. It is a  gesture of goodwill. Exchanging desserts on important days such as birthdays, wedding day, and festivals have become a rather mandate tradition.

People enjoy desserts casually too. With the health-conscious world emerging desserts too have evolved accordingly. There are many sugar-free substitutes available to make your dessert just as healthy as tasty it is. So there aredesserts for every kind of sweet tooth out there